Paul Ryan Is a Bold Choice That Will Pay Off For Romney

We're now learning Mitt Romney's decision to name U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan as his running mate was his and his alone … that his advisers preferred a safer choice—former Gov. Tim Pawlenty or Sen. Rob Portman.

But if the huge crowds that have swarmed the ticket since the announcement Saturday morning are any indication, Romney again has been right to trust his own instincts.

It had become apparent in recent weeks he wasn't going to defeat President Obama without bold action. His poll numbers had slipped, and he'd lost control in key battleground states. He had a choice—play it safe and keep it close, or go bold and try to turn the tables. He chose correctly.

The pick shows this campaign will be about big ideas, which is not what Democrats wanted. It will be a "choice" election—voters will be asked to choose between a government that makes decisions for them and one that places individual liberty at the center of our national conversation.

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