Online Metrics: What's The Conversion?

A metric is a fancy way of asking what you want to count. The right metrics for your campaign are the ones that count activities that matter. Metrics that measure what you are doing are a good place to start. Metrics that measure what your supporters and potential voters are doing are even more valuable. Think of metrics like using a map. You’ll start out needing to know whether you are headed generally in the right direction, but ultimately you want to get to a specific point.

Your website is a two-way street. Think about what you want to measure before you even launch your website. You know what you want to say to visitors, but think about what they can tell you—about themselves, about their intensity for your issues, about their commitment to your campaign.

If you look to your website as a measuring tool, you can begin to think about how you’ll need to slice it up to capture data beyond just basic page view counts. Think of it as a survey, where your visitors tell you what questions they want you to answer and what problems they want you to solve through the links they click and the actions they take.

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