Ohio Is Do Or Die For Rick Santorum On Super Tuesday

We won’t see a clean sweep on Super Tuesday. Candidates know they don’t have to win everywhere and that it’s not necessarily worth the time and money to try. But with more than 400 delegates at stake across 10 states on March 6, it is critical candidates win where they can.

Ohio provides perhaps the last best chance for Santorum to regain the momentum from Romney and rewrite the story of the 2012 campaign. As of now, Santorum and his shoestring campaign lead in the polls, even though he failed to get enough signatures to qualify for delegates in three of the state’s congressional districts.

So the stakes are high. If Santorum can hold together his coalition in the face of the withering attacks certain to come from Team Romney and his infamous “whatever-it-takes” playbook, he not only can extend the race but also sow serious doubts about Romney’s viability as a national candidate.

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