O’Connell Weighs In On Huckabee’s Chances Of Defeating Obama In 2012 At Politico’s Arena

Ford O’Connell’s response to ‘Could Huckabee win in 2012?’ – The Arena | POLITICO.COM

In the television era, the Republican Party seems to favor candidates who take a second stab at trying to win the GOP presidential nomination (Nixon, Reagan, Bush 41, Dole and McCain). Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee is without question a Tier 1 Republican candidate at this stage. With that said, Huckabee is one of about a half-dozen candidates who could conceivably win his party’s nomination in 2012.

A quick glimpse at the 2012 presidential scorecard indicates that the Republican Party has an uphill battle in its quest to win back the White House. Much of the 2012 electoral map is already spoken for, and President Obama has about 229 electoral votes next to his name at this juncture. If the eventual GOP presidential nominee cannot pick up Florida, Ohio, Virginia and Nevada, the game is essentially over before it begins. Right now, President Obama has better than a 60 percent chance of being re-elected.

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