Ford O’Connell On Michele Bachman’s 2012 Presidential Chances At Politico’s Arena

Of course Bachmann is a viable Republican presidential candidate at this stage. Like Sarah Palin, Bachmann speaks for a segment of the center-right electorate that has been talked down to or talked over by the establishment elements of the GOP. Because there is no anointed GOP front-runner yet, Bachmann’s ability to throw elbows with the best of them is an advantage in generating media attention and name recognition in the long lead up to the first nominating contests next year.

At the end of the day, though, it almost doesn’t matter whom the GOP nominates because the 2012 presidential election will essentially be a referendum on President Obama, more so than a center ice face-off between two candidates (unless of course the Republicans nominate a particularly polarizing candidate like Bachmann or Palin). If either Palin or Bachmann wins the GOP presidential nomination, the Republican Party is at risk for a bigger electoral defeat than it experienced in 2008. For some reason, independent voters and members of the mainstream media have a knee-jerk reaction to strong women who are pro-life and ardent supporters of the Second Amendment.

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