O’Connell On House GOP’s Attempt To Repeal Obamacare In Politico Arena

Here is CivicForumPac Chairman Ford O’Connell’s response to today’s Politico Arena question, “Repeal, but how about replace?”

There is no question about it; we need rational health care reform in this country. Unfortunately Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and President Obama took an already beleaguered health care system and turned it into an unmitigated disaster.

House Republicans won at the ballot box last November, because they promised to try to repeal Obamacare. If they renege on this campaign promise, they will tarred and feathered by the right. Not to mention they will be mocked as being a paper tiger by the left and the mainstream media.

House Republicans don’t need to provide an alternative solution for health care reform. The bipartisan Congress does. Given the obstinate nature of Reid and Obama, once the repeal is passed in the House, Republicans are better served by moving on and trying to seek a fiscally responsible solution outside of the limelight.

Contrary to popular belief, Democrats still control Washington, and if House Republicans get bogged down trying to beat Democrats in a legislative standoff, they will miss a real opportunity to better the lives of their constituents.

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