O’Connell On CNN: GOTV Could Be A Major Issue For GOP In 2010 Elections

On 10/9/10, CivicForumPAC Chairman Ford O’Connell appeared on CNN along with Democratic pollster Celinda Lake to discuss the 2010 political landscape.  Below are excerpts from O’Connell’s interview with CNN’s Don Lemon.


LEMON: So, Ford, listen, Republicans look pretty confident. And sometimes, confidence can cause you to stumble. I’m wondering if there’s anything that can cause them to stumble in the next 24 hours, especially, you know, the rules of war, rules of sports and even politics, don’t under estimate your opponent even when you think you’re ahead.

O’CONNELL: Absolutely. You know, if this were a baseball game, it’s the eighth inning and the Republicans were up by a couple runs. The biggest problem in my mind for Republicans is their get-out-the-vote program. I’m not sure that they’ve actually put enough resources into it. And that concerns me a lot.

So, Ms. Lake is right. They are very fired up. I was down at the Virginia Tea Party convention today and I have to say, they are fired up. And if I were someone like Congressman Perriello, I would be worried. But at the same time, I’m a little concerned about the get- out-the-vote effort across the country.

LEMON: You’re concerned about the get-out-and-vote. Well, just because — I guess because Republicans may be seeing on the news and reading on the polls saying, you know, oh, we are ahead, we are ahead, and people may feel that they may not need to go to the polls, is that what you are saying?

O’CONNELL: Absolutely. But I also think that they’re — for example, in the Senate, the Republicans need to net 10. I believe that if Raese in West Virginia, Rossi in Washington and Angle in Nevada win, it’s very likely that the Republicans will take the Senate. My biggest concern is the Democrats have some serious GOTV advantages out there that I’m not sure the Republicans can overcome at the last minute.

LEMON: OK. All right. Point taken. Point taken there, Ford.


LEMON: All right. Celinda, you said lay out the vision.

And, Ford, you said, don’t be overconfident and get people out to the polls. And that will help the Republicans.

O’CONNELL: Well, I’d also like to –

LEMON: You said that will help the Democrats. Go ahead. I’ll give you a quick last word here.

O’CONNELL: It’s clear what Americans want. They want fiscal conservatives who speak from Main Street. The party that does that is the party that’s going to win in November.

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