O’Connell In Politico Arena: Tea Party Demise Is Greatly Exaggerated

Ford O’Connell responding to today’s Politico “The Arena” questions, “reports of the tea party’s demise greatly exaggerated?”

Famous sayings that sound silly in hindsight:

The Internet is a fad.

Housing prices will always rise.

Americans will like the health care bill once we pass it.

Add to that list — the tea party will fade away as soon as the economy recovers.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid seems to think tea party activists are animated by economic stress. The economy will grow and employment will rise, but this won’t bring about the kind of structural recovery that Reid is banking on. The desire for fundamental change in the relationship between governments and individuals that is at the heart of the tea party movement will not fade as long as unsustainable public deficits, growing public debt and the competitive global market continue to undermine the economic prospects of entire groups of Americans.

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