O’Connell Defends Palin’s Response To Tucson Tragedy In Politico’s Arena

CivicForumPac Chairman Ford O’Connell’s response to “Palin’s ‘blood libel’ defense fair” in Politico’s Arena:

From the outset of this horrific tragedy, the liberal left and many in the mainstream media have strained credibility in an awkward attempt to rid themselves of Sarah Palin once and for all. In disjointed mob fashion, they clamored for her to crawl back to Alaska and never come out of her hole again. Instead of succeeding, they gave Mrs. Palin a platform where she sounded as eloquent as ever.

The Palin video was an affirmation of our core American values — public discourse, debate and democracy. Although she was not the first to coin the term blood libel, her use of the term to make a minor point in an extended speech has ironically opened her up to further criticism.

Mrs. Palin must remember that as a conservative, she is fighting an uphill battle.The liberal left and its mainstream media adherents will analyze her every word with the intent of making her stumble or portraying her as ignorant. If Mrs. Palin still has aspirations of running for higher office, she cannot afford to fall prey to these traps.

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