O’Connell: Christie Snow Flap, A Political Reality (Newsmax.com)

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New Jersey Republican Gov. Chris Christie was on vacation in Disney World during this week’s huge snowstorm. And he may suffer some political damage as a result, experts write on Politico.

“Perception, however superficial and flawed, is reality in politics,” says Ford O’Connell, a Republican strategist. “Christie is not the governor of a GOP stronghold like Utah; he is the chief executive of union-run blue state. Folks like Cory Booker are gunning for him, and they will do everything in their power to feed negative perceptions of his tenure.

“Therefore, it is a political imperative for Christie to constantly appear as a take-charge, get-it-done chief executive — he can’t afford chinks in the armor, whether real or perceived. If Christie wants to continue to make real progress in the Garden State, he can’t allow himself to be subjected to P.R. stunts like this one.”

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