O’Connell Pushes Back On Calls For Stricter Gun Control Laws At Politico’s Arena

You have to hand it to the liberal left; they will drag their feet as long as possible when it comes to curtailing unnecessary entitlement programs to the detriment of our economic livelihood. But the instant nanny-state liberals eye an opportunity to narrow the scope of the Second Amendment, they will stop at nothing to trample on our constitutional liberties, irrespective of their long-term ramifications (namely, weakening our citizens’ ability to protect themselves and their families).

From a gun-control perspective, the only way this situation could have possibly been avoided is if we invoked a national ban on all firearms. This course of action is not a viable option (Prohibition, if nothing else, demonstrated the fallacy of enacting and enforcing such a legal remedy), nor should it be.

As more facts come to light in the Tucson tragedy, it is becoming clear that we need a better plan of action to deal with the nation’s mentally ill. As was the case in the Virginia Tech massacre, this issue can no longer be skirted by our federal and state legislatures. We need to adjust the balance between appropriate care, individual privacy and information sharing to protect the nation’s citizens from potentially dangerous situations like these.

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