O’Connell At Politico’s Arena On Sen. Jim Webb’s Decision To Not Seek Re-Election In Virginia

Ford O’Connell’s response to ‘Jim Webb retirement key to GOP Senate in ’13?’ – The Arena | POLITICO

Odds are in the GOP’s favor to win back the Senate in 2012, and Webb’s departure makes that task easier at this juncture. Jim Webb was the one Virginia Democrat who could have credibly run a Senate campaign not tied to President Obama’s coattails.

If the President’s campaign does the Electoral College math and decides that there are battleground states more hospitable (and necessary) to his re-election, the eventual Democratic nominee could end up running a sideshow campaign without a lot of national support.

Conversely, the GOP nominee for the Senate seat is in a strong position to get national attention and support from the top of the ticket to ensure that Virginia swings back into the red column. While George Allen maybe the front-runner for the Republican nomination, he is certainly far from sealing the deal.

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