Obama To Run Against Ryan Budget

Hardly a shocker. PS: What happened to President Obama's budget? From The Washington Post's Ezra Klein:

The message of President Obama’s budget speech today was this: In 2012, the Republican nominee for president is going to be Paul Ryan. And that’s true even if Mitt Romney wins the nomination.

Even when Romney is specific, he’s vague. Romney released a fairly detailed plan to reform Medicare into a premium-support system, but he left out the most crucial piece of information: Whether his vouchers would keep pace with the cost of medical care. Ryan’s budget included few such mysteries.

But Ryan’s budget was fulsomely endorsed by Romney. “I applaud it,” he said. “It’s an excellent piece of work, and very much needed.” And then it was passed by 228 House Republicans. Romney might wish to be vague, but he — and his party — have signed onto something quite specific.

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