Obama Targets Romney's Wealth

I know this is hardly a shocker, but it will be critical for Governor Romney to overcome this not-so veiled criticism.

As Governor Romney reintroduces himself to the American electorate as a "Mr. Fix It" who understands the struggles of average Americans, he must also work to demonstrate that he is not only comfortable with his wealth but that he wants Americans to enjoy the same economic opportunities that he has experienced in his life.

The National Journal's Tim Alberta has more:

For the second time in as many weeks, President Obama on Tuesday made an overt attempt to contrast his humble beginnings and real-world struggles against the privileged life of Mitt Romney -- without actually mentioning the Republican nominee-in-waiting by name.

They know that attacking Romney for his prosperity and privileged background is terrible politics. But [Team Obama] also recognize(s) that Romney's wealth speaks to his single biggest vulnerability, the perception of being an out-of-touch aristocrat who can't empathize with the struggles of everyday Americans. Obama, on the other hand, possesses the unique ability among politicians to connect with voters by saying he feels their pain -- and then proving it. There is a winning dichotomy for the Democrats to work with here -- the classic David vs. Goliath narrative -- and they've had many months to decide how best to exploit it. 

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