Obama's Selfish Data Play

[Democrats] are finding what Republicans have long known — that, in Obama’s world, politics is not a team sport. 

“[They are] reflexively unhelpful,” said one Democrat strategist of the Obama team.

But Why? Why wouldn’t President Obama help a Terry McAuliffe or help Democrats defend any of the 20 Senate seats up in 2014? There seem to be two basic reasons: He wants to use his lists, which measure everything from political preferences to TV viewing habits, to further his legislative agenda, and he wants to become a kingmaker.
Evidence of the first came this week when top campaign aide Stephanie Cutter sent an email to supporters asking for stories on how a $2,000 tax increase — which would occur if we go over the fiscal cliff — would hurt their lives. Evidence of the second came in Charlotte, N.C., when Bill Clinton delivered the most effective speech of either convention on behalf of President Obama. 
You see, the president wants to identify candidates who would be not only Democratic officeholders but Obamacratic — loyal to him and his ideas. And Bill is hoping Hillary can fit that bill. 
It may not end this way. President Obama may become that team player. He may share the data and otherwise help candidates from coast to coast. But don’t be surprised if that doesn’t occur.

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