Obama's Foreign Policy Record Is Weaker Than You Think

Given most domestic issues are off the table because either voters haven't responded or President Obama's record leaves much to be desired, the president's re-election team has identified a new target: Mitt Romney as foreign-policy cipher.

He has no experience, the president's men charge. He had nothing to do with killing Osama bin Laden. His overseas exposure amounts to living two years in France during his Latter Day Saints Mission and a whirlwind tour of Europe and the Middle East this summer. And he didn't even mention foreign policy or the troops in his speech two weeks ago in Tampa.

Polls show President Obama leads by 14 points on the question of who better to handle foreign policy. About the only way he can blow this lead is to pursue this line of attack. The more voters learn what President Obama has "accomplished," the better Romney's blank slate will look.

Romney will have some opportunity to educate voters during the debates. But his strategy should be to rope in foreign policy with other policy areas in which the president has acted unwisely and to build a narrative that says, "We let the kids have a chance. The mess got worse. Time for the adults to clean it up."

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