Obama's Defensive Ohio Strategy

Romney is currently playing offense on the electoral map, but...From Politico's Glenn Thrush and Jonathan Martin:

It’s momentum vs. the map.

With a little more than two weeks left until judgment day, Barack Obama’s campaign is embracing a fundamentally defensive strategy centered on winning Ohio at all costs — while unleashing a new barrage of blistering attacks against Mitt Romney aimed at mobilizing a less-than-fired-up Democratic base.

But Sunday’s NBC/Wall Street Journal poll lays out the potholes on their narrowing path in the clearest possible terms. Obama and Romney are deadlocked at 47 percent among likely voters — while the president, struggling to ignite enthusiasm around his stay-the-course message, enjoys a 49-to-44 percent edge among registered voters. That means some of the people who would vote for Obama simply don’t plan to expend the energy to visit the polls — which explains Obama’s “Don’t boo, vote!” directive to his audiences these days.

If Obama can’t close that gap by mobilizing his base of black, Latino, young and highly educated voters, he’s toast — and Chicago knows it.

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