Obama's Current Edge: Field Organizing

In a tight election, like the one we are potentially headed for, field organzing could be the difference. And right now, President Obama maintains a significant edge. The New York Times' Michah Cohen elaborated on this a few weeks ago. NBC's First Read has more:

Two CW-setting polls for the week are out this morning show the race between Obama and Romney a dead heat. A Politico/GWU poll shows Romney up 48%-47%. And a USA/Today Gallup swing-state poll shows Obama up 47%-45%. Both are within the margin of error. A reminder that this is a close race, and is likely going to BE a close race. By the way, speaking of what happens in “close” races; one other thing that jumped out at us at the weekend rallies was just how far ahead the Obama campaign is of the Romney campaign when it comes to organizing on the ground. It’s not even close on this front; It’s amazing how in just eight short years, the Republicans have allowed one of their great strengths from 2004 (field organizing) to simply disappear. If a close election is decided on mechanics: advantage Obama. By the way, with all this back-n-forth on crowd sizes -- it’s fair to say Obama ’08 would have out-drawn Obama ’12 in both cities. But the problem for the GOP is that Obama ’12 still outdraws Romney ’12… and by a LOT.

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