Obama's Campaign Is Confident, Not 'Angry' or 'Desperate'

Presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney says the recent barrage of attack ads against his candidacy expose Barack Obama's White House as "an angry and desperate presidency."

Overconfident? Perhaps. Uncommonly negative for an incumbent at this stage of the campaign? Certainly. But "an angry and desperate presidency?" Not now. Not yet.

It's not hard to understand how Romney gets this idea. He expected and wanted a referendum on the president's handling of the economy. The president's campaign knew this wouldn't end well and has worked overtime to prevent it through relentless—if not necessarily fair or accurate—attacks on Romney.

President Obama's is not an angry or desperate campaign but one confident its strategy is working. Ryan may change that. His uncommon grasp of policy will help the campaign respond more aggressively to Obama's attacks. Already, he has begun to blunt Obama's "Mediscare" tactics, pointing out the president also calls for taking more than $700 billion from the program to fund his Obamacare initiatives.

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