Responding To Obama's Bain Attacks On Romney

Given that this issue goes to the economy and jobs, how Romney responds to Team Obama's latest attacks will be critical for the remainder of the campaign. The Washington Examiner's Byron York reports:

The Bain ad is not a "shiny object" to distract the public, as Mitt Romney recently dubbed the Obama campaign's focus on side issues intended to divert attention away from the president's economic record.  The ad is, instead, a direct attack on Romney's business record, on which the Republican candidate has built nearly his entire campaign.  Unlike gay marriage or the subjects of a variety of Twitter fights, it's an issue at the very heart of the campaign.

How will Romney respond?  The Romney campaign has given some broad hints lately.  First, the campaign has carefully scrutinized Romney's entire record at Bain and believes it is a strongly positive one overall.  But that is the big picture -- there are individual instances in which Bain investments failed.  Given that, look for the Romney campaign and its surrogates to counterattack by focusing on an instance in which Barack Obama, in essence, took over a company and laid people off in an effort to save the larger enterprise.

That was, of course, the auto bailouts, and while Obama often cites his success in "saving" the car industry, few remember today how many (non-union) workers lost their jobs in the Obama administration's handling of the matter.  During the economic crisis, General Motors and Chrysler shut down more than 700 dealerships, resulting in the loss of tens of thousands of jobs.  And the companies did it under pressure from Obama.

The auto industry example won't be Romney's only response to Obama's Bain attack.  But it will be part of a larger counterattack against what might be called Obama's own record in business.

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