Obama-Romney Round Two: Bounce back

President Obama needed to show he could fight, and defend his recession- and war-battered four years in office. And he showed up ready to do battle, in a performance that observers say is likely to stop the bleeding in a campaign that has seen dramatic losses in the polls.

But whether it is enough to propel the president ahead of Mitt Romney remains to be seen. Romney held his own, and got in harsh lines such as telling voters Obama can only offer a “repeat of the last four years.” Obama, using a line of attack he had foregone last time, went at Romney’s “47 percent” remarks.

Republican strategist Ford O’Connell: “President Obama came out of the gates swinging, and after the 30-minute mark Romney is trailing the president.”

Republican strategist Ford O’Connell: “After 60-minute mark, Obama is leading but Romney is catching up. Who would have thought that Romney could better tell you why he is NOT President George W. Bush than President Obama could tell you why he deserves a second term.” 

Republican strategist Ford O’Connell: “Mitt Romney had the upper-hand on the terrorist attack in Libya question, but he was unable to pin President Obama with failed leadership or policies. In fact, Romney pretty much fumbled the issue. He will likely get a second chance at the Libya issue in the third debate which will exclusively cover foreign policy.

“Romney closed strong — his best line of the debate: ‘We don’t have to settle for this.””

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