Obama Up In Virginia For Now, Likely To Struggle In 2012

Come 2012, voters will be counting the change (or lack thereof) in their wallets as they weigh in on the President’s quest for re-election:

President Obama was the first Democrat to carry the Commonwealth of Virginia in a presidential race in 44 years. New polling from the Washington Post suggests that pessimism about the economy — particularly among independents — will complicate his calculus for another victory in 2012.

Just one in ten Virginians describe the state of the economy as either “excellent” or “good”in the new Post poll. A majority of independents (51 percent) said the economy was in “poor” shape.

Those numbers make clear that the struggles of the economy nationally are, not surprisingly, reflected in swing states heading into 2012.

Fifty three percent of independents now describe themselves as conservative on fiscal issues — an eight-point increase from 2007. And nearly six in ten independents (58 percent) think the government is doing too much that should be left to individuals. That number was roughly equivalent to the 56 percent of the overall sample who want the government to do less.

The economic dissatisfaction hasn’t impacted Obama’s overall approval numbers — yet.  But they do suggest that the economy’s recovery (or lack thereof) holds the key to Obama’s chances in the Commonwealth.

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