No details? No Problem, Donald Trump Supporters Say

Donald Trump hasn't offered many details about his policy proposals beyond immigration, but his supporters don't seem to mind.

Shortly after Trump unveiled his multi-pronged approach to discourage unlawful immigration to the U.S. and reform the country's immigration system in a 2,000-word position paper, Republicans began pressing the New York billionaire for specifics on his tax policy, plan to defeat the Islamic State and entitlement reform.

But Republican strategists predict that Trump is unlikely to deliver the same substance on other issues that he recently offered on immigration, especially since his supporters think it's OK.

Former McCain campaign aide and GOP strategist Ford O'Connell attributed Trump's success without substance to his celebrity status and said the former reality TV host can "do whatever he wants when he wants because he's setting the pace still for the rest of the GOP candidates."

However, O'Connell says Trump will need to "demonstrate that in a head-to-head matchup with Hillary Clinton he can win" if he wishes to expand his support to right-leaning independents and voters who currently back other candidates.

"Running out with every single policy detail isn't going to make him more electable, but if he can continue to roll them out as he consolidates his momentum that will benefit his campaign," O'Connell told the Examiner.

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