Nikki Haley’s Stock Rises Amid Flag Furor

South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley (R) is attracting widespread praise for leading the bipartisan effort to remove the Confederate battle flag from the grounds of the Statehouse.

Haley’s swift response has put her back in the national spotlight, stoking speculation that she could be the vice presidential nominee on the GOP’s 2016 presidential ticket. The 43-year-old governor saved her party from divisive bickering and damaging headlines that could have lingered for months.

While other prominent Republicans hemmed and hawed, Haley was clear  at her press conference Monday that the flag must come down. Defenders of the flag, meanwhile, largely remained silent.

The long-term political impact of Haley’s new stance — which is much different than her position last year — is unclear. But the short-term effect is obvious.

Republican consultant Ford O’Connell also extolled Haley’s performance and, asked about the broader political implications, suggested that “her VP stock is probably on the rise again at the moment.”

That point also highlights a reason for attractiveness on the national level to a Republican Party that has struggled with crucial demographic groups, including younger women and non-whites.

O’Connell said that Haley could potentially help with this problem were she to be added to a presidential ticket. One asset, he suggested, is that “she could stop the bleeding of women to Hillary Clinton.”

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