New Romney Ad Changes Tone

In a shift, Mitt Romney’s campaign on Tuesday unveiled a new ad that embraced a more positive tone than his recent attacks on President Obama’s handling of the economy.

Romney’s team hopes that by debuting the affirmative message during the Olympics, the presumptive Republican nominee can both bolster his narrative at a time of national patriotism and sell voters on the idea he is the man who can bring the country back from the economic brink. It also represents an attempt to close the president’s large lead over Romney on likability.

In the commercial, Romney addresses the camera directly and cites his experiences as governor and at the helm of the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympics as examples of his leadership skills.

The 60-second ad shows Romney driving a car, talking about working with Democrats to balance the budget in Massachusetts and saving the Olympics from scandal and financial ruin. Ann Romney is shown at various points in the ad, as is a slew of American flags. 

“The campaign is trying to use his personal narrative as the centerpiece for an argument to persuadable voters looking for a reason to support Romney,” Republican strategist Ford O’Connell said. “They want to get to the point of talking about the future, and you see when people think about the future, their two top priorities are jobs and the deficit.”

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