New FBI Probe Of Emails Seen As Trouble For Hillary Clinton

Just as Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton appeared to be sailing to an election day victory, carrying a lengthening list of House and Senate Democrats in her wake, her email problems came roaring back Friday in a classic “October surprise” that Republicans said could upset the race.

FBI Director James Comey’s letter Friday to congressional leaders announcing that his agency is again investigating emails related to Clinton’s use of a private email server as secretary of state came as a shock to both parties.

Republican nominee Donald Trump, Republicans in Congress and the GOP’s House and Senate campaign arms jumped on the news, calling for a full investigation of Clinton’s “reckless” conduct and demanding in new fundraising letters that Democratic candidates lower on the ballot “unendorse” her. 

The announcement provides “a much-needed boost for Donald Trump,” said GOP consultant Ford O’Connell. “Whether it’s a decisive game-changer, we don’t know, but it certainly seems to be helping.”

Comey did not disclose how many emails were involved in the latest discovery but said further investigation was warranted.

GOP strategist O’Connell said the odds of a Trump victory rose more than six points on, a political odds-making website, although the gain still left the GOP nominee with only a 23 percent chance of winning.

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