Mitt Romney Should Use The London Olympics To Showcase Himself

It's not worrrrrrrking.

Mitt Romney's strategy to topple President Barack Obama has been to make the race a referendum on the president's record. It's a reasonable approach—the president has failed to turn around the economy, build support for his healthcare legislation, or end Washington gridlock.

But Romney has gone about as far on this strategy as he can go. Polls have remained amazingly consistent for weeks. Not even the president's "You didn't build that" gaffe in Roanoke—or his clumsy attempt to clean it up—have moved the needle. Taken out of context? Ha. Charles Krauthammer is right. Let's run that speech on an endless loop right through Election Day. Americans need to understand precisely the context of those remarks.

All that's left for Romney is to tell voters more about himself. He doesn't talk about his many charitable acts because he wants the credit for those to come from God, not the electorate. Fine. He avoids discussing his Mormon faith to shield himself and his church from uncomfortable scrutiny. Fine again.

He doesn't want to discuss his time as governor of Massachusetts because then he'll have to explain the differences between his healthcare plan and ObamaCare. That can wait until the presidential debates.

But what he can discuss, what he absolutely must discuss, what the timing could not be more perfect to discuss, is his time as head of the Salt Lake Olympics.

The time to go for the gold is now. Obama's approval rating among undecideds is in the low 20s. Persuadable voters are looking for a reason to support Romney. He's unlikely to come across a better one between now and November.

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