Mitt Romney Should Stick To His Guns On His Tax Returns

We campaign gurus all agree: It's about forcing the other campaign to "educate the voter."

That's why President Barack Obama's re-election campaign continues to call for presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney to release more of his tax returns—to shift the burden of "educating the voter" to the Romney camp.

So far, Romney has resisted the calls from the Obama campaign, its amen chorus in the media, and even a growing number of Republicans and conservatives that he "come clean" and release more of his returns. Here's hoping he sticks to his guns.

There is no reason for Romney to supply the president's campaign with more fodder for oppo research. More, as Romney says, for the president's men "to pick through, distort, and lie about." Romney gave John McCain 23 years of returns when he was being vetted as a potential running mate in 2008, and McCain, who doesn't mind sticking it to fellow Republicans when he deems it necessary, says there is nothing untoward in them.

The time may come when Romney has to change course. The president has the media on his side, and if the issue begins to change votes in Virginia or Ohio, Romney may have to rethink.

But for now, every time he is asked about his tax returns, he should respond: "Why ask me about something that has nothing to do with how I will perform as president when you could be asking the current president what on Earth he's done to deserve four more years?"

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