Mitt Romney’s ‘Veepstakes’ Begin

Only time will tell, but the GOP has a great opportunity to make inroads with Hispanics via Romney's potential VP selection. From Philip Rucker at The Washington Post:

Mitt Romney’s advisers and top supporters have begun informally discussing potential vice presidential candidates and believe that the sooner he can put away the Republican nomination, the more flexibility he will have in picking his running mate.

And although they are careful to note that the campaign is far from putting together a short list, key supporters and strategists said Friday that they are beginning to see the outlines of the kind of person Romney will choose — and the kind he will avoid

In short, the habitually cautious candidate is less likely to try to make a splash by picking a game-changing candidate and more likely to choose someone safe, whom he sees as competent and ready to be president.

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Mitt Romney’s ‘Veepstakes’ Begin - #GOP
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