Mitt Romney Must Present The Brighter Side To Bain Capital

Outsiders may see President Obama's decision to go after Mitt Romney's private equity record at Bain Capital as a high-risk, high-reward strategy that ultimately could cost him—or win him—the presidential election.

But it's not hard to figure out why the president will pursue this tactic. He doesn't have much else to run on, and he's seen it work.

The White House is there for the taking. Voters continue to tell pollsters they like President Obama but worry about the frightening amounts of debt he has piled on with little to show for it. His numbers, says ABC News political director Amy Walter, "are like a ticking time bomb. If the economy doesn't improve, and if Romney can present himself as a reasonable alternative, there's nowhere for Obama's numbers to go but down."

Chris Stirewalt of Fox News says, "Romney and Bain were widely seen as very good at what they did, not plunderers but responsible corporate citizens." That's the Bain Romney needs to present. That's the Bain Newark Mayor Cory Booker could not bring himself to criticize Sunday on Meet the Press. And that's a Bain that won't drag down Romney's chances at the White House, no matter how hard President Obama pushes.

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