Mike Huckabee Makes 2nd Run For US Presidency

Former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee jumped into the Republican presidential race Tuesday, launching his second bid for the White House.  Huckabee kicked off his campaign with an elaborate event in his hometown of Hope, Arkansas.  If that town sounds familiar it's because former President Bill Clinton also grew up in Hope and famously ended his 1992 acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention in New York with, “I still believe in a place called Hope.”

Huckabee launched his second White House campaign with an indictment of the Obama administration and a pitch to working class Americans worried about their jobs and social conservatives who share his opposition to abortion and gay marriage.  “America’s leadership in the world is completely evaporated and the country is more polarized than ever in my lifetime.  We were promised hope but it was just talk.  And now we need the kind of change that really could get America from hope to higher ground!”

But analysts said that like other Republican contenders he will talk a lot about foreign policy and national security issues.  “I think when all is said and done and we get to the general election in 2016, you going to have three issues: economic mobility, jobs and national security.  And while they do overlap the ability for Republicans to distinguish themselves with the Republican primary on national security is going to be very, very important,” said Republican strategist Ford O’Connell.

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