Michele Bachmann: Underestimated By The Media

Of course Michele Bachmann has been underestimated. But then again, the media has underestimated most of the 2012 GOP field (except for Donald Trump) since the process began.

Bachmann is a strong personality who knows how to connect with an audience. She was well prepped for the televised debate on Monday night and delivered the applause lines right on target. The one-on-one retail politics of the Iowa caucuses will play to Rep. Bachmann’s strengths. With her hometown roots and proven ability to raise money, there is every reason to expect her to do well there. Her ability to scale up a campaign beyond the caucuses is an open question.

To succeed after Iowa, Bachmann will need to harness her media charisma to become a more refined candidate who is well versed on the substantive issues (jobs, economy, foreign policy) and who demonstrates consistent message discipline on the campaign trail. If she can do that, we could see her on stage for a lot more debates.

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