McConnell’s GOP Leadership May Hinge On Strange Primary Victory

President Trump may be the focus of Tuesday’s Senate GOP primary runoff in Alabama, but Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell also has a lot on the line in the race.

Mr. McConnell, who has struggled to get his troops in line on Capitol Hill this year, has put all his electoral muscle behind Sen. Luther Strange, and a loss for Mr. Strange would be the latest dent to the GOP leadership.

Indeed, polls show Roy Moore, the state’s former chief justice who gained a national profile by defending the public display of the Ten Commandments, leading the runoff.

“Moore is way more of a wild card for McConnell and the administration,” said Ford O'Connell, a GOP strategist.

That’s one reason why Mr. Trump has endorsed Mr. Strange, campaigning with the incumbent on Friday and deploying Vice President Mike Pence to Alabama on Monday.

“I think the concern for McConnell and the White House is: What does this mean for other incumbents?” Mr. O'Connell said.

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