Jeb Bush Rebrands Himself In Attempt To Gain Traction

Jeb Bush is trying to reboot his faltering presidential campaign, using a speech in Florida to push back against critics who have already written his political obituary.

Speaking from a podium bearing his new tagline – “Jeb Can Fix It” – the former Florida governor addressed his poor performance at last Wednesday’s CNBC debate, which has many questioning his future in the race. 

While the “Jeb Can Fix It” tagline is supposed to be about setting loose a gridlocked Washington, D.C., it could just as easily be interpreted as a message about Bush’s campaign.

“Bush can conceivably recover and [the] "Jeb Can Fix It" tag line is not an accident,” said Republican strategist Ford O’Connell, who was an adviser to the McCain-Palin campaign in 2008. 

“Jeb is trying to play to his strengths - policy, substance, record,” O’Connell added. 

“Just not sure he can break through given the 2016 environment where voters want to ‘fall in love’ and are drawn to those candidates with strong personality traits who can harness the anger they feel.” 

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