Jeb Bush Prepares To Enter 2016 Presidential Race

Former Florida governor Jeb Bush is in the midst of a European trip where he hopes to bolster his foreign policy credentials in advance of his official presidential candidacy announcement on Monday.  Bush’s foreign policy trip includes visits to three U.S. allies — Germany, Poland and Estonia.

In the run up to his presidential campaign, Jeb Bush has been quick to pay tribute to his father and brother, both former presidents, but insists he will be his own man should he win the White House next year.  

Once he officially launches his presidential campaign, Bush faces the challenge of introducing himself to the public as his own man, according to Republican strategist Ford O’Connell. 

“Obviously his last name is his greatest benefit in terms of raising money but it is also his greatest obstacle.  What Jeb Bush needs to become is ‘Jeb’, not the third Bush," he said.  "And that is going to be very hard for him because talk radio is sort of the lifeblood of the Republican Party and right now they have a target on the back of Jeb Bush because they want him out of there no matter what.  And it is Jeb’s job to remind them that he was a conservative when he was the governor of Florida.”

Public opinion polls show Bush near the top of the 10-person Republican field at the moment along with Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and Florida Senator Marco Rubio.  Bush’s announcement will make him the 11th official Republican candidate so far to enter the 2016 race.

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