Jeb Bush Endorsement Big, But Not A Sign Of Him Joining The Ticket

Mitt Romney’s march to inevitability got a huge boost when former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush endorsed him on Wednesday, thus ending speculation that Bush could emerge as a last minute Romney replacement if the GOP ends up in a brokered convention in Tampa.

But don’t take Bush’s public statement as a sign that he could be a potential running mate for Romney.

That could also be one of the reason’s Bush’s endorsement on Wednesday was seemingly understated, said Ford O’Connell, a former GOP presidential campaign adviser and political consultant. There were no rallies or public moments on stage with Romney and Jeb Bush. Just a short statement sent to the media and a tweet on Twitter.

O’Connell said the understated endorsement is keeping with Jeb Bush’s personal style but also limits the fodder for the Democratic National Committee. O’Connell said Democrats would like nothing more than to tie Mitt Romney to any Bush to conjure memories of the George W. Bush presidency.

But O’Connell said Jeb Bush’s endorsement is still key for Romney as he fights his way through the often messy GOP nomination process where he has struggled to inspire conservatives.

“For the establishment, there are really two folks that the right really respects,” O’Connell said. “One is Jeb Bush.”

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