Jeb Bush Cast As 'Villain' In GOP Fight For Recognition

Bobby Jindal took some veiled swipes at his Republican presidential rivals Wednesday night, but in a rare move for an announcement speech, the Louisiana governor singled out one opponent by name: Jeb Bush.

Jindal's jab adds to the list of punches thrown at Bush from Republican candidates in recent weeks, a trend that's growing in intensity and frequency as the GOP field becomes more crowded.

As someone who's consistently stayed in the top tier of national polls, Bush is a natural target for lower-tier candidates in need of more publicity and name recognition, Republican strategists say. For Jindal, the strategy worked and generated a lot of headlines.

"When you're a candidate out the gate and not that many people know you and you're trying to craft a narrative of your campaign, you need a hero -- which is the candidate -- and a villain, which in this case was Bush," said Republican strategist Ford O'Connell.

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