It's Time For Romney To Counter Obama's Attacks

That time is now. Romney can't be "not Obama" anymore. His campaign can't get bogged down trying to educate voters about the nuances of tax reform and macroeconomic policy. These are no match for "Account in Cayman Islands" for capturing voters' attention.

It's time to change the narrative. Ditching the 59-point, 160-page economic plan for a five-point plan is a key first step. Talking in cogent, specific terms about a brighter future—as opposed to the grim present and recent past—is another.

This weekend, the "new" Romney campaign will be on display in four "must win" battleground states—Virginia, Florida, Ohio and North Carolina. If you see Romney connecting with voters, if you see them applauding his economic plan, nodding in agreement as he describes his "Day One" plans to rescind Obamacare and reduce regulation, then expect a corresponding rise in the polls. If it's more of the same—more blaming Obama, more about tax returns and Harry Reid and offshore tax havens—you will see voter opinions start to cement. And they won't be hardening in the challenger's favor.

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