It's Still Hillary Clinton's Fault She Lost The 2016 Election

Almost everyone agrees the election of 2016 was one for the ages. It pitted a reality TV star with billions in the bank and no political experience against a former first lady, secretary of state and senator from New York.

The debates were wild, both during the primaries and the general election. Campaign themes never before uttered took center stage. A woman won the nomination of a major political party for the first time. And the result was an upset of epic proportions.

But the wildest thing of all may have been the political coalition that formed to put Donald Trump over the top. The FBI was in on it, as was its director, James Comey. The Russians definitely had a hand in it, as did their leader, Vladimir Putin.

Then there were the anti-American forces and the low-information voters and the Macedonian data farms. And Facebook, Twitter, fake news, cable news, Netflix, misogynists, suburban women, news executives and the New York Times. There was imbalance in the media and voter suppression in Wisconsin. Both the Democratic and Republican parties were in on it, as was President Barack Obama.

One can only imagine how this group ever got anything done, but it must have been effective.

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