Is Monica A Problem For Clinton?

Can Monica Lewinsky still harm the Clintons? 

That was the immediate question in politics after Lewinsky came out of semi-seclusion to write a lengthy article for Vanity Fair magazine. 

Lewinsky’s hesitant steps back into the spotlight were an instant reminder of the unseemly side of the Clinton presidency, something that could complicate a potential 2016 White House bid for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. 

Of course, that’s if voters are really paying attention to Lewinsky, and if they care.

It’s probably too soon to tell for sure, but even some Republican operatives admit it’s possible Lewinsky’s return will be greeted with a shrug.

“The Monica Lewinsky episode was a minefield for Republicans in 1998, and it is going to be a minefield for Republicans who raise it now,” agreed another GOP operative, Ford O’Connell, who recalled the widespread sense that President Clinton’s opponents overplayed their hand on the scandal.

O’Connell cautioned his fellow Republicans that strong attacks on the matter could harm the party among a demographic with which it already struggles.

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