Is Donald Trump Stealing Chris Christie’s Thunder?

The never-shy, always controversial Donald Trump has been sucking up nearly all the 2016 oxygen over the last few weeks – and in the process, he’s drawn more than a few comparisons with another big-talking presidential candidate: Chris Christie.

They’re both northeastern Republicans. They’re known for a bold and unfiltered style. It’s not hard to see how they might be duking it out for the title of the true “tell it like it is” 2016 presidential candidate.

But is “The Apprentice” host really stealing the Garden State governor’s thunder? Not really.

“It’s the difference of telling it like it is in Christie’s case and literally blowing your brains out on the sidewalk with no filter in the case of Donald Trump,” said Ford O’Connell, a GOP strategist and former John McCain campaign adviser. “For Christie it’s about him looking for footing in a very crowded field, a campaign tactic. For Trump, that’s the way his ego runs.”

All of those hurdles, however, have nothing to do with Trump, whose vanity candidacy is taken seriously by almost no one among Washington’s professional political class, despite the fact that he’s polling solidly.

There may be one big downside for Christie – along with much of the rest of the GOP field – with so much attention being given to Trump, however.

“He’s sucking the oxygen out of the room for the GOP field. Many candidates have impressive messages but they just can’t get it out there. If your name isn’t Jeb Bush or Donald Trump, no one’s talking about you,” said O’Connell.

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