Is Jon Huntsman’s Presidential Campaign Imploding?

Anyone who has spent any amount of time on a presidential campaign knows that there will be disagreements among staffers and a certain amount of infighting as folks jockey for position and influence within the campaign. Given self-inflicted the slew of gaffes that have befallen the Huntsman campaign since its launch, the most recent repot from The Washington Post is not a good sign moving forward, particularly when the grumbling focuses on the campaign’s top strategist – John Weaver. Unfortunately this is nothing new for Weaver who parted ways with John McCain’s presidential campaign in 2007 over differences in strategy.

As if the struggling presidential campaign of former Utah governor Jon Huntsman Jr. didn’t have challenges enough, it found itself on Thursday trying to tamp out the brushfire ignited by a report that his operation was beset by internal feuding.

The 4,000-word story in Politico — which focused on a sidelined volunteer’s complaints about the campaign’s top strategist — was distraction enough that the candidate was compelled to address it at a campaign stop in New Hampshire, a state crucial to his hopes of winning the Republican nomination next year.

Huntsman made it clear that he is standing by his top adviser, John Weaver, a veteran operative who is considered a talented strategist but who also has a history of generating turbulence in the campaigns in which he has worked.

Politico’s Jonathan Martin takes it one step further and says the grumbling about Weaver is more widespread than news reports indicate.




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