Iowa GOP Caucus Goers Want A Candidate Who Can Defeat Obama

This is a good sign heading into the August straw poll. The question will be whether “electability” remains the dominate theme once the Republican presidential field is narrowed.

A new statewide Iowa Caucus poll recently commissioned by shows that likely Republican caucus goers are interested in one thing above all else– defeating President Obama in November of 2012.

The survey of 500 likely Republican caucuses goers asked respondents who they would vote for between a candidate who they might not agree with on every issue but who has the best chance of beating Barack Obama, or someone who is the closest to their views on the issues, but who might not have a good chance of beating Barack Obama.

By a two to one margin, the need to beat President Obama trumps ideological purity.

That finding may seem to indicate that Romney’s decision to down play the Iowa Caucuses could work.  The poll clearly indicates that a frontrunner like Romney would appeal to voters in Iowa if electability is the top priority.

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