In New Hampshire You're Either For Trump Or Against Him

In New Hampshire, if you’re not a fan of Donald Trump, then you are really, really not a fan of Donald Trump.

For Republican-leaning residents of the Granite State, it’s all or nothing when it comes to their feelings about the GOP frontrunner.

While the real estate mogul is currently polling in the lead in New Hampshire after finishing second in Iowa, there are Republican residents who find his appeal, as well as his success there, offensive.

While Trump currently is leading in New Hampshire with 29 percent support, according to a University of New Hampshire poll conducted for CNN and WMUR, New Hampshirites notoriously wait until the last minute when making their final decision and independent voters often change parties the day of the primary. A WBUR poll released at the end of January found that one third of New Hampshire’s undeclared likely voters had yet to decide on a party.

“In New Hampshire it’s about message, touch and then mobilization to the ballot box. [Trump’s] decided to replace what we call the physical touch with celebrity. It could work for him because thus far nothing has gone according to standard,” said Ford O’Connell, former advisor to Sen. John McCain’s 2008 run. “Everything he’s done has just not been according to the traditional script, and it may or may not harm him.” 

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