In Alabama's Senate Primary Election 'Trump Wins Either Way,' GOP Strategists Say

In the Tuesday runoff election to fill the Alabama Senate seat held for 20 years by current Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Republican voters are looking at two candidates to see who will be most successful in carrying the Donald Trump torch to Washington. 

In a state that hasn't elected a Democratic senator since 1990, that gave Trump 63 percent of the vote, it's all eyes on the GOP candidate who wins on Tuesday, because that candidate is already seen as the favorite to win the general election on December 12.

While there are a number of issues at play in the runoff, voters are rallying behind the message that less of Washington is more. That is just one of the reasons that Judge Roy Moore is ahead of Sen. Luther Strange in all of the polls.

Political insiders made it clear that the dueling campaign rallies on Monday night, with Moore alongside Bannon in the southern part of the state and Vice President Mike Pence stumping for Strange in Birmingham, is not a division in Trump world. 

"Trump wins either way," explained D.C.-based Republican analyst Ford O'Connell. Both candidates fully back Trump and his agenda, both are dyed in the wool conservatives. "So it's important to understand why Trump went with Strange rather than the more than the more Trumpian candidate, so to speak."

Strange is less likely to be a "wild-card," O'Connell explained, a trait among conservative lawmakers that has already frustrated the GOP leadership's multiple efforts to pass a health care bill this year.

"Trump went out to back Luther Strange because he was trying to throw an olive branch to Mitch McConnell," he continued, noting "it is going to be hard to get Moore to buy into some compromise votes that Trump may want to take."

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