Immigration Reform Trumps Gun Control (And Mark Sanford's Comeback Bid)

Isn't it interesting how any time an idea from the left fails in Congress, it's not because lawmakers honored the will of the people or did what was best for the country but because some outside nefarious force bought the votes? So it was on Wednesday, when President Obama took to the Rose Garden to denounce senators who opposed the gun-control package as in the pay of the National Rifle Association (NRA).

NRA, Gun Owners of America and others certainly have some influence on gun legislation, but the left needs to admit much more went into the decision-making in the Senate. The wise lawmaker rarely gets too far ahead of constituents and never gets too far ahead at the ballot box. For the measures to have prevailed, at least nine Republicans would've had to get substantially ahead of constituents and the ballot box, and a handful of Democrats involved in what should be tight elections in 2014 would've had to follow suit. It simply wasn't going to happen.

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