Immigration Reform Is A Political Weapon For Obama In 2012 And The GOP Must Be Ready To Take Charge Of The Issue

After independents, Hispanics are the next most important group for President Obama’s reelection bid, given the calculus of the Electoral College map. Obama’s reelect team knows that if they can secure better than 65% of the Hispanic vote, as they did in 2008, particularly in the battleground states of Florida, Colorado, Nevada and New Mexico, then 2012 will hinge solely on the economic plight of independent voters.

Because Hispanics are America’s fast growing demographic, Republicans should take hold of this issue, and craft legislation in their favor.

Immigration reform is certainly a political weapon for Team Obama in 2012, and the GOP chooses to ignore it at its own peril. If the GOP fails to dominate the issue, Republicans could find themselves locked out of the Oval Office for decades to come.

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