Huntsman Exits 2012 GOP Presidential Primary

Former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman was never going to win the 2012 Republican presidential nomination, despite being one of the most qualified candidates on paper. Thanks to Governor Huntsman's service in the Obama adminsitration, conservatives never warmed up to his presidential bid. Don't be suprised if we see another Huntsman presidential bid in the future. Politico's Maggie Haberman, Juana Summers and Jonathan Martin have more:

Jon Huntsman will drop out of the GOP presidential race Monday morning and endorse Mitt Romney, POLITICO has confirmed.

Huntsman will endorse Romney in a speech at 11 a.m. Monday at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center.

Huntsman’s exit comes less than a week after he claimed victory from his third-place finish in the New Hampshire primary, the contest he’d staked his candidacy on ever since entering the race last summer.

Huntsman officials are very much cognizant of this and, in an effort to be seen as team players for the likely nominee, suggested it played into the candidate’s decision to get out now instead of after the primary Saturday.

“It was entirely a family decision,” said the source.

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