How Will Donald Trump's Campaign Survive This One, Strategists Wonder

Now, finally, Donald Trump might have thrown cold water on his own white-hot summer surge to the top of the Republican presidential primary field.

The real estate mogul's attacks on Fox News host Megyn Kelly, his steadfast decision to lash out at anybody who questioned him, and yet another high profile HR departure from his campaign has led some GOP operatives to predict that Trump will finally face a backlash from voters who have until now tolerated his bombastic comments out of an appreciation for his willingness to rage against the political machine.

At least, some political strategists think so.

But like one of the summer's other great cliffhangers, no one can really be sure.

While attacking McCain is "very, very popular for conservatives," going after Kelly is a different story, said Republican strategist Ford O'Connell, a veteran of McCain's 2008 presidential campaign. 

"If you can't handle Megyn Kelly, how are you going to handle Hillary Clinton?" he said. "It's not the comments per se. It's more the thin-skinned tantrum that he threw afterwards. And that is what is less presidential."

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