How Mitt Romney Can Capitalize On Scott Walker's Recall Win

We're going to hear a lot in the next few days about how little Gov. Scott Walker's victory in the Wisconsin gubernatorial recall election means going forward. Don't believe it. Walker's victory was huge.

Not only did Walker become the first governor in history to survive a recall, he showed politicians all over America they could make tough choices to promote job creation and fiscal responsibility without raising taxes, and survive.

In the state where public-sector unions began, he beat them at their own game. His operation was better funded, more organized, more thorough, and—almost inconceivably—far more enthusiastic. These are the tools unions use to win elections. But on Tuesday night, they built a victory for Scott Walker.

It is true President Obama beat former Governor Romney, 51-44, in exit polls taken Tuesday and that voters still seemed to favor President Obama on the economy. And it's true conservative glee over the millions of dollars unions squandered on this race will be short-lived. After all, Walker spent nearly eight times as much as Barrett.

But it's also true something extremely significant happened in the Badger State on Tuesday. Unapologetic conservative governance won. Boldness won. New organizational techniques won. These are lessons not only for Mitt Romney, but also for Republicans in Washington and throughout America as the big election—the only one deemed more important than Tuesday—moves closer.

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